About us

We have established our self as a well-known Occupational Healthcare provider with a clinic in a good suburb in Emalahleni and an on-site clinic at Kusile Power Station since 2011.  We also have a satellite clinic in Ogies.

We provide professional Occupational Healthcare to mining and construction industries in the area.  We have a team of Occupational Nurse Practitioners, Occupational Medical Practitioners, as well as Radiographers with degrees and years of experience in the relevant fields.

We are a BBBEE Level 1 company.

Our Vision

To promote a healthy, safe work environment and a healthy active and productive worker.

Our Mission

The promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and socialwell-being of workers in all occupations. The prevention among workers of departures from health caused by their working conditions.

Benefits of using our team

Access to our team of qualified health professionals. Efficient, effective service to our clients at all times.

Our Team

  • Llewellyn Hartley - Owner
  • Jorina Maré - Accounts
    Kusile and town clinic
  • Laetitia Loggenberg - Admin
    Town clinic
  • Melissa Loggenberg - Clinic assistant
    Town clinic
  • Janine Subotic - Clinic assistant
    Town clinic
  • Sr Nozipho Mchunu - OHNP
    Town clinic
  • Sr Cindy Hlope - OHNP
    Kusile clinic
  • Maritza van Rooyen - Clinic assistant / Admin
    Kusile clinic
  • Christa Wait - Clinic assistant
    Kusile clinic
  • Koos Westraadt - Clinic assistant
    Kusile clinic
  • Maria Masango - Clinic assistant
    Kusile clinic
  • Dr MS Shokane - OHMP
    Both clinic


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Pre-Placement Medical Examination

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Periodic Medical Examinations

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Biological Monitoring

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Spirometric Testing

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Audiometric Testing

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Vision Screening

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Height Assessment

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CXR Screening

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Physical Examination

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HIV/TB Counselling

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Our promise to you

  • To be faithful and loyal to you as our client.
  • Strive to be familiar with the client’s policies and procedures.
  • Be courteous, helpful and reasonably accessible in dealing with the workers.
  • Have regard for the circumstances and concerns of the workers in performing their duties.
  • Be committed to provide prompt and timeous service.
  • Not unfairly discriminate against any worker on the basis of race, gender, ethnic or social origin, culture, language, sexual orientation, age disability, religion, conscience belief or political persuasion.
  • Recognise the worker’s right to access the information excluding that information which is specifically protected by law.
  • Accept the responsibility to avail ourselves to ongoing training and self-development.
  • To give honest and impartial advice, based on all available relevant information, to higher authority when asked for assistance of this kind.
  • To honour the confidentiality of matter, documents and discussions that are classified or implied as being confidential or secret.
  • Not to disclose any official information for personal gain or the gain of others.
  • To give you, the client, the best Occupational Health Service you are entitled to.

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