Health Assessments and Medical Surveillance

Medical surveillance is the periodic examination and special tests performed by the Occupational Health Nurse. It is a control mechanism to protect workers' health and prevent deviations from health due to workplace hazards. Health assessments are not only performed to exclude disease but also to ascertain the ability of each person to perform their jobs and meet their obligations in life.

Pre-Placement Medical Examination

The Pre-placement medical examinations are also known as the baseline medical examination. The examinations are performed before an applicant is appointed and placed in a job. The examination is done to prevent costly, time-consuming and often unpleasant consequences if the person is found to be unsuitable after commencing work and needs to be moved. All information is confidential and the Occupational Health Nurse keeps the record.

Periodic Medical Examinations

The Periodic medicalexamination is a full examination performed every 12 months for the specific health risk the employee is exposed to.The periodic medical examination is conducted to detect early signs of diseases or defects.

Exit Medical Examinations

The exit medical examinations is performed when an employee leaves the employment of the company. These examinations are documented to safeguard the company against future claims.

Biological Monitoring

Biological monitoring is a planned program periodic collection and analysis of body fluids. As well as taking of urine samples to detect abnormalities and to monitor any drug related substance abuse.

Spirometric Testing

The Spirometric test is known as the lung function test. This test is performed to assess the effect of airborne pollutants such has dust, fumes, vapours, smoke and gases on the lungs.

Audiometric Testing

The audiometric test is known as the hearing test. This test is performed to assess the acuity of the employees hearing exposed to noise levels above 85 decibels.

Vision Screening

Vision screening is performed to identify any abnormalities that may occur with the eye.

Height Assessment

The height assessment is performed to assess the worker's ability to work at heights.

CXR Screening

A chest X-ray is performed to monitor any abnormalities of the chest.

Physical Examination

A physical examination is performed to assess the worker's total health status. The blood pressure and sugar tests are also conducted during the during the physical examination.

HIV/TB Counselling

Pre and post counselling is provided to the client before and after testing.

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